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Adventure in Himalaya Camping


Adventure in Himalaya Camping About  Camping is an outdoor adventure activity generally do in places far away from the colonies or the urban area, in this activity the adventurers group together to make an arrangement of sleeping and fooding in the tents. It is a very exciting and attractive activity and poopular now a days among the youth, many youth organizations and college or school students take part in these kind of adventure activity once in a year. It is also a very inexpensive or the cost effective activity which everyone can opt while attending or organzing an event in some distant place in an open area.

       Camping can be of any type– camping in Jungle area, camping near beach, Luxury camping, snow camping. etc 

Adventure in Himalaya Camping in Manali 

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Himachal Pradesh (State) India –       Adventure in Himalaya Camping in Manali is one of the best and popular activity among the tourists, school students, college students and the corporate professionals.

Adventure in Himalaya Camping in Manali Introduction   has its own charm since manali is so famous spot, it has its scenic view, nature and more is the camping over here is very much less expensive than anywhere else in India. In addition to camping in manali a visitor can do number  of activities like rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, fishing,day trekking in Manali, river rafting in kullu manali, Paragliding in Manali, Paragliding in solang valley etc.

Adventure in Himalaya Camping in Manali Category  is of two type one is a bed tents for twin or triple sharing and the other one is sleeping bag and mats. Both are famous among the visitors but in the second one more people can be accommodate easily in a tent so second one is more famous among the students.

Adventure in Himalaya Camping in Manali Best Season: Best season to do   is Spring, summers and the autumn. However the other seasons people also do but the bed tents are preferable or the superior tents with –ve temperature sleeping bags are recommendable.

           Foreigns come here to do camping in Manali on the treks of manali while trekking or snow campings while skiing activities

Adventure in Himalaya Camping in Manali Popularity  now a days gained so popularity that everyone is willing to come and do this acitivity doesn’t matter how old he/she is.

Adventure in Himalaya Camping in Manali Opearated by: generally do be the licenced operators with an appropriate registeration from Tourism dept of govt of himachal pradesh.

Adventure in Himalaya Camping in Manali Types  is of generally two type one is fixed and other is dynamic one.

     There is a Luxury camping in manali having all accessories as in 3 star property like an LCD attached toilet bathrooms, curtains, intercomm, table chairs, double bed, proper flooring etc


  • Travel information

    DELHI MANALI -volvo timings
    20:30, 21:00, 16:40, 17:40; 18:00
    DELHI Shimla -volvo timings
    22:30, 23:30, 23:25, 22:45, 13:50
    Chandigarh Shimla-volvo timings
    05:00, 04:30, 15:00, 05:50, 15:01
    Chandigarh Manali-volvo timings
    13:15, 13:54, 13:00, 01:35, 12:10
    Shimla MANALI -non A/c bus timings
    08:15, 08:14, 08:15, 08:14
    MANALI Dharamshala-bus timings
    08:08, 06:25, 05:30
    Delhi Kalka train timings
    17:10, 07:40, 07:10
    Delhi amb andaura train timings
    10:25, 22:50, 05:50
    Delhi Chandigarh train timings
    04:15, 5:50, 7:40, 11:05, 14:25
    Shimla Ropeway timing 09:30 -17:30
    solang Ropeway timing 07:00-18:30
    Tara devi aarti timings
    08:00, 17:30, 18:00, 12:00, 17:00
    Jakhu temple arti timings
    06:10, 17:30, 18:30, 12:00, 20:00
    Shimla Zoo timings 
    summers 09:00-18:30, 6 days a week
    winters 09:30-17:30 tuesday close
    Shimla Kalka train timings
    Shimla Kalka express 18:45
    Himalayan Queen CC-FC 10:55
    Rail motor-First class FC 12:00
    Shimla Kalka exp-Vistadom 15:50
    Shimla Deluxe exp-FC 18:05
    Kathmandu Delhi Flight timings
    16:30, 09:55, 17:00, 08:00, 15:05
     20,500/- onwards 18th dec 2022
    Kullu Dhakposhedrupling monaestry
    timings 06:00-18:00 no entry fees

  • *) Losar festival in manali, Celebrated around the last week of February, Losar Festival marks the Tibetan New Year.2) Winter in snowy Manali is enchanting. Winter starts setting in from October. December and January are the coldest months of the year. Temperature often drops to -2°C accompanied by snowfall. 3) 5 January 2022: Heavy snowfall in Manali, Rohtang pass, Lahaul Valley, Atal Tunnel, Solang valley and nearby areas. 4) Snowfall in Manali occurs between December and February. Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India drawing tourists throughout the year. March to June (10°C to 25°C): Summer season in Manali is from March to June, which is the best time to visit Manali especially with friends and family. 5) October to February is the winter season and is considered to be the best time to visit Manali if you like the cold and January is best to enjoy the chilly pleasure of fresh snowfall . The temperature drops down below zero degrees Celsius.