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         Trekking is an adventurous journey you have to do on foot in places where the transportation means are not possible like a jungle area, or the peaks with steep altitudes. Trekking is very famous adventure activity between adventurers. There are number of treks in the world, people love to trek the places far from the social life, or an interior areas like tribal areas where the tribal people lives, or to a peak with very high altitude and the normal living is not possible- since the atmospheric conditions are against it, like at -10c and lesser temperature or the places where the heat is very high like in Rajasthan or any desert area and you can’t find water easily, or the places where the peaks are always covered with snow and everything is wet over there -
trekking to the areas where normal conditions of survival are not possible and wildlife is very possible- which is always a big love for the adventurers –trekkers, however its always advisable to go to these places with experienced and trained guys like a guide, since they are familiar with the extreme scenarios and they know how to tackle worst case scenarios and since they did the trek number of time- they know the routes and stay as well as the possible challenges on the trek, we atAdventure in Himalaya have well experienced guides and the certified mountaineers.

Adventure in Himalaya Trekking About Himalayan treks
India has many treks famous all across the world especially in the northern region the Himalayan range, Himalaya is very famous in the world for its peaks Kanchenjunga k2 and the Mount Everest, millions of adventurers are coming every year in Himalaya for adventure trekkingcampingand hiking activities, the Himalayan range have number of treks with all categories from simple to moderate to tougher one. The Himalayan range is in the three countries India, Nepal and Bhutan, the steep altitudes and the beautiful meadows are very famous between the adventurers, in Himalayan range you can see number of peaks and passes covered with snow throughout the years, here some of the peaks are at so much altitude that you have to carry the oxygen mask and the cylinders without which your condition would get worse and critical.Adventure in Himalayais continually working for the fulfillment of adventurer dreams.

Adventure in Himalaya Trekking Himalayan Treks         

                          The Himalayan treks are famous for attracting a large number of world trekkers –hikers - adventurers. Adi kailash trekking, Sunderdhonga base camp trekking,   Pindari glacier trekkingAuden Col TrekkingSources of Ganges TrekkingHar Ki Dun TrekkingManali Ladakh TrekkingSPITI to LADAKH Trekking,Lamayuru Chilling TrekkingNubra Valley TrekkingDarcha - Lamayuru Trekking,Markha Valley TrekkingLadakh Monastery TrekkingIndus Valley TrekkingLamayuru Alchi Trekking,Darcha Padum TrekkingShepherd Trail Gaddi TrekkingKinner Kailash TrekkingCharang Valley Trek,Tsomoriri to Kibber trekking Singalila trekking,  Satopanth trekking,  sar pass trekkingRoopkund trekkingNanda devi sanctuary trekkingPandari glacier trekkingMilam glacier trekkingKedarnath trekkingKanchenjunga trekkingGangotri Gaumukh TrekkingKafni Glacier trekkingHemkund TrekkingAnnapurna Circuit trekkingEverest Base Camp TrekkingManaslu TrekkingLangtang trekking (Nepal)Dolpo Trek (Nepal)Ladakh Sham valley Trekkingand Valley of Flowers trekking - contact us atAdventure in Himalayato arrange and manage your tour.

Adventure in Himalaya Trekking Himalayan Tough Treks   

                                   Himalayan Tough Trekking Zanskar -Himalayan  Trekking,Trans Zanskar -Himalayan  Trekking,Stok Kangri -Himalayan  Trekking,Spiti to Ladakh -Himalayan  Trekking, Shivling -Himalayan  Trekking,Shepherd Trail Gaddi -Himalayan  Trekking,Pin Parvati Pass -Himalayan  Trekking,Nubra Valley -Himalayan  Trekking,Manali Ladakh -Himalayan  Trekking, Lamayuru Darcha -Himalayan  Trekking, Lamayuru Chilling -Himalayan  TrekkingHampta Pass -Himalayan  Trekking,Frozen Trail of Zanskar -Himalayan  TrekkingDarcha Lamayuru -Himalayan  Trekking, Chandratal Baralacha -Himalayan  TrekkingAudens Col -Himalayan  Trekking, Adi Kailash -Himalayan  Trekking.

Adventure in Himalaya Trekking Himalayan Moderate Treks

                                  Himalayan Moderate Trekking-Wild-Ladakh--Himalayan Trekking,Trans-Zanskar--Himalayan Trekking,Sunderdhonga-base-camp--Himalayan Trekking,Sources-of-Ganges--Himalayan Trekking,Rumtse-Tsomoriri--Himalayan Trekking,Nanda-Devi--Himalayan TrekkingMilam-Glacier--Himalayan Trekking, Markha-Valley--Himalayan Trekking, Lamayuru-Alchi--Himalayan TrekkingLadakh-tour-with-Pangong-lake --Himalayan Trekking, Ladakh-sham-valley--Himalayan Trekking, Ladakh-Monastery--Himalayan TrekkingIndus-Valley--Himalayan TrekkingDarcha- Padum--Himalayan Trekking, Charang-Valley--Himalayan Trekking

Adventure in Himalaya Trekking Himalayan Easy Treks 

      Himalayan Easy Trekking-Valley-of-Flower-Himalayan Trekking,Pindari - Glacier-Himalayan TrekkingManimahesh -Kailash-Himalayan Trekking,Kinnar-Kailash-Himalayan TrekkingKafini-Glacier-Himalayan TrekkingHar-ki-Dun-Himalayan TrekkingDodi-Tal-Himalayan TrekkingChandra Tal--Himalayan TrekkingBeas - Kund-Himalayan Trekking

Adventure in Himalaya Trekking Himalayan Day Treks

               Shimla Manali Day-Treks-Mashobra-Kufri-treks, Manali-Solang-valley-Patalsu-base-treks, Manali-Lamadugh-meadows-treksManali-Koshla-treksManali-Jogini-falls-treks

Adventure in Himalaya Trekking Work Area    

                            We Adventure in Himalaya  is operating trekking in Himachal Pradesh, trekking in Himachal in December,mail us to get an itinerary for trekking   in Himachal Pradesh cost part also, we have number of places fortrekking in Himachal, having number of well experinced good guide totrekking in Himachal Pradesh.

Adventure in Himalaya Trekking Mainly works in :

                     we mainly works in monsoon season however if group have good number of guys we also do winter trekking in Himachal Pradesh, we will manage the all accessories and camping stuff for winter trekking in Himachal, with good guide to working in Himachal,lots of groups are coming every year to do trekking in Himachal Pradesh India, we have guys well experienced and very familiar with the trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh, its better to go with the experienced guys for trekking since wildlife is very possible in trekking places in Himachal Pradesh, so if you planning to go for a trekking tours in Himachal Pradesh then consult some good adventure agency or firm and let them arrange your tour, trekking areas in Himachal Pradesh are very good and sometime very risky lots of lanslides happen wildlife factor-cant be ignore and natural hazards would happen, so you must have an experienced team to cope up with these conditions and they must have backup also. 1 day trekking in Himachal Pradesh you can do in Manali, Shimla, Dharmshala and dalhousie etc, winter trekking in Himachal Pradesh, its very advisable to hire a guide to trekking in Himachal Pradesh or any other region of the world. 

Adventure in Himalaya Trekking Himalayan TreksTrekking in HimachalPradesh –

                  Adventure in Himalaya is operating trekking in Himachal Pradesh at Manali, Lahaul spiti, Kinnaur, Dharamshala etc here you will see the best treks in India and get an opportunity oftrekkingon the best treks of Himalayan India region, in addition to thisAdventure in Himalayais also operating trekking in Ladakh and trekking in Kashmir and planning to expand our area of region by operating trekking in Rishikesh, trekking in Sikkim and other parts of Uttaranchal.Adventure in Himalayawill manage all the accessories and gears required for trekking andcamping. In case if you have your owntrekkingShoes,trekkingBags and othertrekkingaccessories and gears and you feel that that would help you then you may carry them.Adventure in Himalayahas a dream to become a best adventure company in adventure world.

Adventure in Himalaya TrekkingTrekking in Manali-  

                        We atAdventure in Himalaya is operatingtrekking in Manali - Trekking en Manali India- we have number of day treks in Manali so if anyone is looking for a daytrekking in Manali then we can arrange that also- these are very short and smaller trekking, since in a day we don’t have sufficient time to do long trekking so mostly shorttrekking in Manali is prefer for a day trek –the cost oftrekking in Manali varies- it depends upon number of factors with whom it is related like no of trekking days, gears accessories, type of trek –easy trek- moderate or tough one, number of people in trekking group, and the man power we have to take for the trekking etc.- trekking in Kullu Manali is very famous since the treks are very closer to nature and the beauty is all scattered around and there is so many things to explore yet. There are number of trekking agencies in Manali but you have to choose the best if you are looking for besttrekking in Manali . There are number of tourist guides and the trek maps available online and for the Trekking routes in Manali but we always recommend to hire a trekking guide in Manali who is familiar to the routes and the treks so that you will not get stuck in any problem and soon reach your destination.

Adventure in Himalaya TrekkingDaytrekking Manali

                         A daytrekking Manali is famous between the tourist staying in Manali and want to have a little fun in Manali- they prefers to go for a trekking in Manali for a day or half, trekking Manali India is very famous between the students of India and the youth as well as the honeymoon couples- those wants to do a nature walk to a jungle or to a meadow or to a waterfall- Himalaya trekking Manali is from a daylong to 10-15 Days, here we are talking about the day trekking Manali which is famous between the students- coming every year from  the different batches of school on a school tour or a college tour, the friendship peak trekking Manali is a long and tough trekking and need a proper team work and accessories and camping instrument’s, in Manali camping and day trekking Manali is very famous and high on demand every year thousands of students are coming from all across the country to enjoy.

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  • *) Losar festival in manali, Celebrated around the last week of February, Losar Festival marks the Tibetan New Year.2) Winter in snowy Manali is enchanting. Winter starts setting in from October. December and January are the coldest months of the year. Temperature often drops to -2°C accompanied by snowfall. 3) 5 January 2022: Heavy snowfall in Manali, Rohtang pass, Lahaul Valley, Atal Tunnel, Solang valley and nearby areas. 4) Snowfall in Manali occurs between December and February. Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India drawing tourists throughout the year. March to June (10°C to 25°C): Summer season in Manali is from March to June, which is the best time to visit Manali especially with friends and family. 5) October to February is the winter season and is considered to be the best time to visit Manali if you like the cold and January is best to enjoy the chilly pleasure of fresh snowfall . The temperature drops down below zero degrees Celsius.