Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding  
    Contact : +91 9882283110    Paragliding is an adventure in the air with a parachute. It is a non-motorized activity and the launch point must be from a higher ground like on top of the hill with their parachutes already deployed. You are able to steer the parachute to left or right and change the altitude. The equipment is very portable and can be packed into a rucksack and can be carried easily anywehere. As a result, a paraglider can easily pick its takeoff spot and landing place.

     Paragliding is a great deal of fun, whether you are able to experience it once, or become a certified pilot and fly every weekend. Many people consider paragliding to be the purest form of human flight. All it takes is a basic paraglider and human ingenuity to get airborne – although safetyparagliding equipment is strongly advised. However, there are some misconceptions about what paragliding is and what it is not. Whatever the answer, the word that best describes paragliding best is “experience.”

    Paragliding uses a specific winged apparatus known as a paraglider.  Paragliding occurs in open areas with mountains as launch points. The design of the paraglider is light and a flight may last for several hours and cover hundreds of kilometers, but they are usually much shorter for novices. Paragliding is not exactly a thrill-seeking activity, at least once you become airborne. Most people actually find it very relaxing and enlightening because you have uninterrupted panoramic views of the world around you and the time to enjoy them.

    Tandem paragliding can done by almost anyone, including elderly people and children, with weight between 23 – 95 kg. No training or experience required. The paragliding instructor will be behind you.

      Wish to soar through the air like a free bird? If so, Paragliding is the thing for you. This adventurous activity assures you with the fulfillment of your life-long dream of flying high in the air. With its origins long back in 1940, Paragliding, today, is counted among the most popular adventure sports. If you are looking for the best paragliding destinations, you have popped-in the right place solang valley, Manali.

Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali

 Himachal Pradesh, India

Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali, About  is a very famous adventure activity among the visitors who want to fly in sky like a bird and enjoy the glimpse of the manali valley

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali, Place  generally do in Solang valley and a place near marrhi

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali, Operators  is generally operated by the operators from the manali only registered from tourism department and member of the paragliding union.

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali, Operated  operators have pilots with good experience in paragliding

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali, Visitor do  a visitor can do with a pilot while seating in front of the seat of the glider which can carry two persons at a time, where the pilot is seating in the seat behind.

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali, Union Rates  rates are fix by the unions over their registered with tourim department.

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali, type  mainly are of two type one is short fly and other one is high fly.

 The sport is categorized into  flights:Short Ride, Medium Ride, High Ride, Long Ride 

Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in ManaliShort Ride– the flight takes place in the flying ground of Solang from an approximate height of 100 mtrs above ground level and lasts for duration of approximately 30-45 seconds.

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in ManaliMedium Ride– the flight takes place in the flying ground of Solang from an approximate height of 300 mtrs above ground level and lasts for duration of approximately 3 minutes.

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in ManaliHigh Ride–this flight takes off from the mid slopes of Solang from an approximate height of 800mtrs above ground, provides a spectacular view of the pine filled slopes, the Beas River and the flying ground before landing safely. This flight lasts anywhere between 8 mins to 15 mins and above depending on the wind conditions.

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in ManaliLong Ride or The Cross Country Ride with Acrobatics–         this flight takes off from the peaks of either Gulaba, Rothang, Biling or Marrhi from an approximate distance of 3kms, providing breathtaking view of the amazing mountains. Round and round the peaks like a high flying bird the glider enjoys the valleys and peaks of Gulaba, Bir, Biling, Madi, Rothang and Solang before making a decend into the flying ground of Solang. This flight lasts anywhere between 25 mins to 1 hr and above depending on the wind conditions.

Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali rates

Low FlyParagliding in Manali cost- 1000 /- per head 2014-2015

Middle flyParagliding in Manali cost – 1600/- per head 2014-2015
High fly
Paragliding in Manali cost – 2500/- per head 2014-2015
Ropeway – 550/- per head 2012-2013
Prices above may vary time to time.

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali cost

        Paragliding in Manalirates are updated and publish by the paragliders union of manali, the union is registered with the tourism department of govt of himachal pradesh, India.

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  • *) Losar festival in manali, Celebrated around the last week of February, Losar Festival marks the Tibetan New Year.2) Winter in snowy Manali is enchanting. Winter starts setting in from October. December and January are the coldest months of the year. Temperature often drops to -2°C accompanied by snowfall. 3) 5 January 2022: Heavy snowfall in Manali, Rohtang pass, Lahaul Valley, Atal Tunnel, Solang valley and nearby areas. 4) Snowfall in Manali occurs between December and February. Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India drawing tourists throughout the year. March to June (10°C to 25°C): Summer season in Manali is from March to June, which is the best time to visit Manali especially with friends and family. 5) October to February is the winter season and is considered to be the best time to visit Manali if you like the cold and January is best to enjoy the chilly pleasure of fresh snowfall . The temperature drops down below zero degrees Celsius.