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Manali – Jogni waterfall

            Jogni Falls Trek is the most famous and admired trek in Manali, the trek starts from Vashisht village which is around 3 Km from the central Manali, in Vashisht you will see lot of ancient old temple of Vashisht sage, near to it there is a hot sulphur spring where you can take bath - from here a jungle trek begins, on the way you can see lot of typical Himachali architect houses and panoramic view of the landscapes after trekking  around 1hr you will come across a magnificent waterfall –known as Jogni waterfall. Here you can take a bath and enjoy the nature and beauty scattered all across, after 2-3 hrs enjoyment return to Vashisht and Manali. The trek is really a beautiful one and enjoyable one, trek route passes between the deep jungle where the sunlight even cant pass through to touch the land, trek is admired by lots of trekkers and the adventure people. Adventure in Himalaya can arrange a guide and the food for the trek – jungle trek to a waterfall. Adventure in Himalaya recommends you to opt for this trek if you really want to do an easy trekking in Manali, and the time is a constraint. However there is another way to do the trekking that is a large trek to fall, and that begins from the old Manali.

 Trek duration - April to November Trek