Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali -Client Testimonial 

           In april first week my colleague and I went for paragliding in manali at solang valley and it was fantastic! The experience takes place outside manali nearly 12 km from the town at solang nallah so we left the city around 9.15 am in the morning. After a one hour drive we arrived at the meeting point at solang to meet up with the instructors and a group of clients who were going to do the paraglide with us. When everyone was ready, we used the cable car to reach the top from where the high fly begins.

Client Testimonial Cont...
         We had to wait a couple of hours due to low clouds, but the time passed by quickly and we were soon ready to “saddle up” and head towards the jump zone. During the drive up to the jump zone I got nervous and excited I couldn’t believe I was about to run off the edge of a mountain and glide back down to earth.
                      Up the mountain at the jump zone we got a short briefing and explanation, after this we geared up and were strapped to the parachute and the instructor. And then it was time to run. The first try of getting the parachute up in the air did not work for me and my instructor. I was very surprised by the force that was behind the wind in the parachute. The second try went perfectly and I had to keep running towards the edge. Then we were over the edge and soaring through the sky. It was amazing, you could see everything from up there! As I glided through the air I could see everything around me, the beautiful landscape and all the towns around the mountain. It was a magnificent view and a very exciting experience to be so high up in the sky. After a moment of flying I was even allowed to fly myself for a while. The sheer force behind the wind in combination with the parachute was amazing. This was a wonderful experience I will never forget. When we got close to the landing point we still had to descend quite a bit, he steered the parachute into a downward spiral. It felt like being on a rollercoaster, but better! It was so much fun!

Client Testimonial Cont...
           After the downward spiral it was time to land. The way to land for paragliding is the same way as the way to take off. You have to run again to make sure the parachute does not land on you. We landed safely with both feet on the ground. All this excitement does make you hungry, so when the parachutes were packed up we had some dinner in a town close to the landing point. During dinner we talked about how exciting the paragliding was and how much we enjoyed our experience. After dinner it was time to sleep and next day to go for river rafting at kullu valley.
After a long day of excitement and new experiences it was nice to share this experience, the experience of paragliding in manali is something I would not have wanted to miss by the folks around the world. I loved it!



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