Paragliding in Manali– Adventure in Himalaya


Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali  Fly charges/costing/Rates/Amount/Price

Low Fly manali- Solang Valley charges  : 1500/- Rs 
Middle fly 
 Manali rates : 2500/-
High fly Manali
 prices : 4000/- Rs 

Ropeway /gondola/ Cable car : 750/- Rs fixed (Must for hi fly at Solang Valley, Manali)

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Open: 1st January till 31st December (except 15th July - 15th September) 

Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding - About Paragliding in Manali Paragliding is an adventure sports activity in which with the use of glider the pilot flies in the sky from a mountain peak to another or to a ground with a proper use of wind conditions and wind nature, so wind has a key role in Paragliding activity, Paragliding you can also do with the pilots, lots of tourist across world doesn’t know the Paragliding activity however with the help of pilots they also do this adventure activityParagliding in Manali in India at Solang valley is very famous, this adventurous sport enables the thrill seeker to fly in the skies like an eagle and then the glider can have the bird’s eye view of the awesome mountains. Adventure in Himalaya 

 Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Kullu Manali Place
 - Paragliding in Manali you can do at Solang valley, gulaba, kothi and the Marrhi the point on the way to Rohtang pass – which is open in Summers only, however if you have a plan to do Paragliding in Manali for the rest of year then Solang valley is better option.
Note- Only in Rainy duration you can’t do this activity.

Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali  Famous activity  
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 - in Himachal Pradesh is very famous across the Para gliders in the world, because of the Bir billing, this spot is world’s best spot for Paragliding activity, and so many World level Competition has been done here, recent was 2012-2013 world cup competition

Adventure in Himalaya  Paragliding in Manali  Krrish Cameo/Movie  – 
     The movie Krrish – starrers Krithik Roshan and Miss world Priyanka Chopra was shot over here, almost half  part of the movie was shot over here– the first half, and the Paragliding part was shot near Solang valley, it was the first time that in India Paragliding in Manali came into light, that is really a good part to know about Paragliding in Manali.

Adventure in HimalayaParagliding in Manali  An Adventure A dream for the adventurer who wants to be a part of the sky and want a life time experience to fly in the sky like a bird do, off course you have that place to fulfill your dreams and that is  Paragliding in Manali.

Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali    Activity/demand/future-
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Paragliding in Manali demand became very high and lots of Indian tourist start coming on a high frequency to feel, to enjoy like a bird, considering the tourist demand, investors invested on very high technology based Ropeway to make high fly Paragliding in Manali possible easy. E 9882283110 Earlier the cost to do high fly Paragliding was too much because to go to high altitude on horses was time consuming and expensive, but now its frequent and least.

Adventure in Himalaya  Paragliding in Manali types- The Paragliding in Manali at Solang valley is categorized into 3 flights –

Low fly Paragliding
Medium Fly
high fly

Adventure in Himalaya  Paragliding in Manali Low fly  - for the Low fly Paragliding in Manali at Solang valley you have to trek little elevation or you can hire some horses over there to go up to the starting point of Paragliding flight. From this point the Low fly Paragliding starts, the flight timing in air is less than a minute and the air distance is around half kilometer. Low fly Paragliing Manali ends. However now the ecstasy begins people feel that it was too quick and they must go for Hi fly Paragliding and then they mostly gave me a call to arrange the hi fly Paragliding, and then what should I say.. most welcome .. sure .. why not.. pleased to know.. Enjoy.

Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali  Medium Fly- Medium Fly Paragliding in Manali at Solang valley has very similar procedure for Low fly Paragliding, but the air distance and time duration of flight is more than short fly Paragliding in Manali, but you would enjoy it because of more duration you get to fly in the air, every year thousands of students from schools and colleges are coming here to do the activity and we are feeling happy to give our services to them. Most welcome dear any time if you want to get the services from us for Paragliding in Manali.

Adventure in HimalayaParagliding in Manali  High Fly – for the high Fly Paragliding in Manali you have to either hire the horses to reach the peak from where the Paragliding begins or to take the Ropeway to go to that point or to trek up to that point, the best and comfortable way is to go in the ropeway which the 99 percent tourist do for high Fly Paragliding in Manali at Solang valley. High Fly Paragliding in Manali is the best adventure activity in Manali and the number 1 adventure activity in Manali, it covers an air distance of 12 Km. it totally depends upon the wind conditions and wind flow. However go for it and keep enjoying the activity, a real adventure activity in Himalaya.

Prices above may vary time to time. Paragliding in Manali in November-
Adventure in HimalayaParaglidingin Manali
 in December-
Adventure in HimalayaParaglidingin Manali in January- if you are planning to do Paraglidingin Manali during winter season, then prepare yourself with  the hot woolen sweater and jackets with gloves and monkey caps. The wind would be very chilled and freezing one, and there is a big probability to have a snow in Solang valley during that duration.

Adventure in Himalaya   Paragliding in Manali Videos-Soon we will upload some thrilling, loving videos of Paragliding in Manali, however if you want to shoot the videos of your flight also then either take a higher zoom camera with you or higher the services of the photographers in the Solang valley, go for some negotiation and hire their services.
Adventure in Himalaya Paragliding in Manali Pictures



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  • *) Losar festival in manali, Celebrated around the last week of February, Losar Festival marks the Tibetan New Year.2) Winter in snowy Manali is enchanting. Winter starts setting in from October. December and January are the coldest months of the year. Temperature often drops to -2°C accompanied by snowfall. 3) 5 January 2022: Heavy snowfall in Manali, Rohtang pass, Lahaul Valley, Atal Tunnel, Solang valley and nearby areas. 4) Snowfall in Manali occurs between December and February. Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India drawing tourists throughout the year. March to June (10°C to 25°C): Summer season in Manali is from March to June, which is the best time to visit Manali especially with friends and family. 5) October to February is the winter season and is considered to be the best time to visit Manali if you like the cold and January is best to enjoy the chilly pleasure of fresh snowfall . The temperature drops down below zero degrees Celsius.